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Winter 2014 Newsletter

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The water main break has been corrected, and water has been restored. Thank you for your patience with this matter. Enjoy the holidays!

We have a water main break. The water is off until the plumber can get the parts and repair the issue. The approximate time for the water being turned back on is about 9am. As we receive information, we will send it out to you.

The final repair to the 3100 cluster has been fixed all homes should now have water restored. The work area is being cleaned as best as it can until the landscaping company can address. Thanks to everyone that helped communicate this issue! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact:

The work in the water main will begin today at 7am. Preliminary water outage could last as long as 5pm today (12/26) but if that changes or any new information becomes available, we will certainly keep you all updated.

Take a look at our pool renovation!

Community Zoning Information Meeting for a possible 256-unit apartment complex to be constructed on Deerfield Parkway

Check out YOUR pictures! Keep them coming in!

Take a look at the new pool furniture! Looking good!

*UPDATE* Due to uncooperative weather, our streets are rescheduled to be resurfaced next week (May 13, 14, 15 & 17). The daily plan is still the same.